2 September 2021

How does it work???

Expo Chianti Classico - How does it work???

As every year, the cellars of the area are the fulcrum of the event and even if this year they will not be in the square to present their wines directly, you will still have the opportunity to taste many wines of the Black Rooster choosing from more than 60 wineries and more than 130 wines tasting at the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium Pavilion.

The fateful question that everyone sooner or later asks themselves when they arrive in the square is: "How does it work ???"

Well, it's time for a quick review.

To access the tasting area this year it will be necessary to register at the entrance gate located in front of the Town Hall.

Access to the event area will only be possible with a Green Pass or valid documentation of vaccination or with a negative swab certification in the last 48 hours.

Once you have registered and applied the identification bracelet, you can buy the tasting glass with shoulder strap and a card with 6 tasting tickets at the price of € 10.

With the glass and the tickets you can access the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium Pavilion where the FISAR Sommeliers will serve you your favorite wine. We remind you that Chianti Classico and IGT are worth 1 ticket, Chianti Classico "Riserva", "Gran Selezione" are worth 2 tickets. To facilitate tastings and maintain physical distancing, 3 entrances to the Pavilion will be provided, each with a entry row and an exit row.

The catalog of wines present in the tasting can be consulted online at this link on our website www.expochianticlassico.com.

Since the tasting area will have limited access, we invite you, once you have received the wine, to exit the tasting area towards the square in order to give the opportunity to enter those waiting at the gates.

In order to re-enter the tasting area, just go through the manned gates showing the bracelet.

Guided Tastings, on the other hand, must be booked in advance by e-mail to expochianticlassico@gmail.com, indicating the name, surname and telephone contact of each participant.

If additional seats are also available during the event, it is necessary to go to the tasting reception at least 30 minutes before the start of the same, in order to have time to register. Also in this case you need your name, surname and telephone contact, even if you have already registered for the tastings at the Pavilion.


All clear? Well! Then you just have to discover our territory, on a journey through the Black Rooster.

Have fun!

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