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September, Tue 03 2019

49 Expo del Chianti Classico

September, Mon 04 2017

47 Expo del Chianti Classico

Dal 7 al 10 settembre gli appassionati di vino di tutto il mondo arrivano a Greve in Chianti

September, Sunday 13 2015

Chianti Classico wine capital: Greve last day of Expo

The entire program of a day to live and enjoy to the full

September, Sunday 13 2015

Chianti Classico, between stands around the Expo: "The 2015? It will be a very good year"

"Guest unanimous: "Ripe grapes and perfect . The year seems destined to be really outstanding

September, Saturday 12 2015

The Director General of the Chianti Classico Consortium visiting the Expo: "Quality wine outstanding"

Giuseppe Liberatore: "We are at an extraordinary average level. The 2015? It looks like a vintage fabulous"

September, Friday 11 2015

Expo Chianti Classico 2015: ribbon cutting the banner of unity

Present the mayors of Chianti, two regional councilors, the president of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico

September, Thursday 10 2015

Expo Chianti Classico: start at 17. The Gazzettino update the official website

The editors of the online newspaper of Chianti working on www.expochianticlassico.com

September, Wed 09 2015

The Black Rooster sings Expo, one large window in Greve in Chianti

More than 60 companies showcasing 10 to 13 September in Piazza Matteotti

September, Wed 09 2015

Expo Chianti Classico number 45 : Greve become the cradle of the great Renaissance wine

The exhibition in 2014 in just four days was stormed by about 15 thousand wine tourists

September, Wed 09 2015

The "men who do things" by Luca Carfagna: icon Expo Greve

The artist of Panzano in Chianti and its stylized human figures on jute: "Energetic and ironic"

September, Tue 08 2015

"The Chianti Classico flies . We're almost to pre-crisis levels"

The analysis of the director of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico on the eve of the 45th Expo

September, Mon 07 2015

What news! In 2016 stage of the Tour of Italy in the Chianti Classico

A time trial 40 km starting from Radda and arrival in Greve in Chianti

September, Mon 07 2015

Chianti Classico: "The year? Prospects ok, but the accounts are made at the end of September"

On the eve of the Expo, the winemaker Dario Parenti makes predictions: "The Docg? I see it in great recovery"

September, Sunday 06 2015

Expo Chianti Classico, Remaschi : "Product quality the winning"

The regional minister for agriculture: "A showcase of great importance for all producers"

August, Thursday 27 2015

Waiting for 45th Edition "Chianti Classico Expo"

September, Tue 30 2014

Video from TVL

September, Friday 12 2014

Expo 2014: the ribbon cutting ceremony

September, Friday 12 2014

The future of Chianti in the opening debate of Expo 2014

September, Thursday 11 2014

By feet... in the Expo's Days

September, Thursday 11 2014

An artistic "invasion" in the Expo's Days

September, Wed 10 2014

An Expo with a lot of... "green"

September, Wed 10 2014

An expo with the news on line... in the place

September, Wed 10 2014

Wine and territory: a public discussion

September, Thursday 04 2014

Expo 2014 in Numbers

All numbers of the next 2014 Expo

September, Mon 30 2013

Expo 2014, save the date:

next Chianti Classico Expo is planned from September 11th to September 14th 2104, see yoou there!

September, Thursday 13 2012

42° Expo del Chianti Classico: balance, thankgiving, future.

It ended the 42 ° Expo del Chianti Classico: time to take balance and thanksgivings, with an eye to the next edition.

September, Tue 11 2012


Risultato straordinario per la manifestazione organizzata dal Comune di Greve in Chianti in collaborazione con il Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico: incassi in aumento rispetto al 2011

September, Thursday 06 2012

Al via la 42a edizione dell’Expo Chianti Classico

Greve in chianti (FI) – Al via la 42a edizione dell’Expo Chianti Classico “Una manifestazione che rappresenta un esempio del valore delle tipicità della nostra regione che ci rendono unici al mondo.”

September, Wed 05 2012

42° Expo del Chianti Classico: Press Release

42° Expo del Chianti Classico: Official Press Release of the Major Alberto Bencistà

September, Mon 03 2012

Tweet your Favorite Tasting

What is the official hashtag Expo? Find out!

September, Mon 03 2012

Emeritus Citizens of the Municipality of Greve in Chianti

The Emeritus Citizens list that will be awarded Saturday, September 8 at 10am at the Town Hall - Piazza Matteotti

August, Wed 29 2012

Chianti Classico and Chianti: two different wines

…just about every 5 minutes around the world these words are used incorrectly to define two wines whose names and provenances the public is unclear about: Chianti and Chianti Classico.

August, Mon 27 2012

Chianti Classico Wine

Discover the Chianti Classico Wine

August, Tue 21 2012

Winelovers & Wine Producers: one more reason to attend the Expo

Small steps to make the wine tasting as pleasant and professional as possible.

August, Saturday 18 2012

The Chianti Classico Expo's website is online

Program, Exhibitors, Places and News about the Expo.